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Lindsay Dreyer on The Real Estate Sessions Podcast

I was honored to be featured on The Real Estate Sessions Podcast, and always love the opportunity to share what we’re doing at City Chic Real Estate! Running a real estate brokerage where agents love to work is my dream job!

Episode Summary:

Our guest today has done some truly amazing things in the real estate world. Joining us is Lindsay Dreyer, the founder, broker, and owner of City Chic Real Estate in Washington D.C. Lindsay brings an exciting approach to the relationships built between brokers, realtors, and their clients!

In this episode, Lindsay and I discuss how being a ‘true digital native’ led Lindsay into the real estate world where she did 6 million in sales in her first year! We discuss some of the early doubts of the Internet’s ability to create real estate leads and how Lindsay has been able to create such a unique real estate website. Listen in to hear how Lindsay accomplished so much success early in her real estate career.

Top Takeaways: 

  • Lindsay Dreyer’s Advice for New Agents
  • “You can’t do it by yourself. Get a mentor or go to a brokerage that gives you excellent training. I think compared to when I entered into the business in 2007 to now. It is infinitely harder. I think that the cost of getting into the business is a lot higher. Join a brokerage that’s like a team or join a team because that team is going to be invested in your success and will be able to give you leads or a system. It’s really tapping into someone’s previous success.”

“That’s really why I started City Chic was because I didn’t think I was an anomaly [in wanting brokerage support], and I felt like there would be other agents that would appreciate the support that I would have appreciated.”

“The biggest one [problem on a typical agent website] I think is that they all look the same. In the sea of every real estate agent and broker, there are so many websites out there. How are you going to look different, and how are you going to speak to the consumer to stand out?”