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Bring Value to Your Clients When Buying New Construction

You can add value to new construction homes for your clients with this three-step process.


I got into the real estate business in 2004 and began by selling new construction. When real estate agents walked into my model home, they were honestly useless. So today I want to make sure you know how to add value to this process for your clients.

First, there are a couple of ways to find these properties. You can visit or the builder’s websites, and find active communities on these sites. You can also call the new-build communities in the MLS and ask what’s available.

There are typically two types of properties available: spec homes and to-be-built homes. Spec homes are houses that are close to or already finished. Builders build these on speculation or a buyer has backed out of purchasing a newly constructed home. To-be-built homes won’t be finished for a while, and your clients can choose their finishes, but the timeline for these will be longer.

There are three ways you can add value to this process:

1. Negotiate incentives for the clients. Builders do not like to negotiate on price, however, they love to include options and closing cost credits. Options may include upgraded countertops or appliances or a bumped-out room the buyer wants. Don’t be afraid to ask for these types of items. This shows you’re representing your client well and trying to get them the best deal.

Builders do not like to negotiate on price, however, they love to include options and closing cost credits.

2. Request a copy of the builder’s contract in advance. Sales managers are notorious for saying they’re non-negotiable, but you have to ensure there’s protection for the three major contingencies: inspection, appraisal, and financing. Set clear expectations, and know how these things are dealt with so you can pass the information on to your client. The last thing you want is for something to happen, and your client doesn’t have any recourse.

3. Help them choose finishes and options that will maximize the resale value. Help them pick things that will serve them when it’s time to sell. For example, square footage is major for buyers, so try to get a bumped-out room or walkout basement. Your clients will always have competition in a community that was built at the same time, so ensuring they have upgrades that set their home apart is crucial.

If you have further questions about helping your clients buy new construction or any other real estate matter, call or email me. I would love to help you get more sales and provide value to your clients.