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7 Tips to Make Your Listing Shine Online

These are my seven tips for making your MLS listing shine online.


As real estate agents, one of the mightiest tools we have at our disposal is the MLS; but how do you maximize the effectiveness of your MLS listing? Here are seven tips to make your listing shine online:

1. Stage the property. Ensure the property looks great; you can stage it either virtually or in person.

2. Take twilight photos. These are gorgeous, romantically-lit sunset photos, and they’re easy to get. Our favorite website for this is You can upload a standard photo, and they’ll edit it to look like it was taken at just the right moment at twilight. Boxbrownie has professional photo editing, virtual staging, item removal, and more.

3. Create a collage for your main image. You can show your best four photos at once, and it draws buyers in so they’ll want to check out all the photos.

4. Include floor plans in the images. Floor plans are so wonderful and useful! They highlight the space, show all the rooms, the layout, and how it all flows together.

Help your listing stand out simply by using
a tool you already employ every day: the MLS.

5. Pay attention to your description. Our formula: headline, interior features, exterior features, community or building amenities, then location amenities.

6. Include 3D or virtual tours. These absolutely help buyers visualize the space.

7. Use overlay and highlighted feature images. If you don’t do this already, you should start. is fantastic for this. For example, if a condo building has a rooftop deck, we’ll include a photo of the deck with an overlay that says “rooftop deck” so it’s very clear that it’s an amenity. We also use this if there are extra storage spaces, a pet-friendly building, private patio, and more. This allows you to spotlight some excellent features outside of the description. We all know some people simply click, click, click through the photos, so having these features highlighted is crucial.

These seven tips will help your listing stand out simply by using a tool you already employ every day: the MLS.

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